Grimm Industries
Scenic Design and Fabrication
About Us
Scenic design and Fabrication
Grimm Industries offes design, manufacturing, and fabrication of art sculpture for the Entertainment and Destination Event industries.

The owner/designer of Grimm Industries is Ron A Goldberg, a scenic carpenter and fabricator with over years of training and professional experience in Theatre, Film, TV and Performing Arts.

Mr. Goldberg has lived and worked in cities around the world that have a focus in each industry, including New York and Los Angeles.
Grimm Industries develops and offers only the highest quality products and services.

• Our products will meet our customers’ expectations and add an artistic and emotional element to their specific event.

• We are committed to environmentally safe, low impact processes and materials.

• Made in the U.S.A.

• Staying ahead in emerging technology to keep costs down and enhace customer experience.

Grimm Industries manufactures in Jefferson Parish and hires employees in the Greater New Orleans area to help stimulate the local economy and keep local artists and arts funded.